Traveling to Arizona 2017

Arizona is a wonderful state to visit. There are a couple attractions that are my favorite, and are a must see every time I am in the state. Bearizona, and of course, the Grand Canyon. Both of these attractions are unique in their own way. And both perfectly show the wild diversity of Arizona.


Just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. This is a wonderful Zoo in which you driver through, almost Jurassic Park style. You get to drive through the animals' natural habitat, and see them up close from the comfort of your car. Be careful, the animals will come up to your car at times.


The Grand Canyon & Railway

There is a great Wild West feel to almost all of Arizona. Maybe it has to do with the water table shortage? Anyway, what is better than the Grand Canyon? How about, Taking a train from Williams, Arizona, for 40 minutes or so up to the Grand Canyon? When I was a child my Dad took us on this train ride, which comes with a theatrical train robbery, and a saloon style musical performance.