Tiny House Big Design 2017

With a Cat, Dog, Wife and 2 Kids, I hope one day that we can live out of a tiny home, and travel the country. Working from my tiny home/office wherever we might be. This is the dream at least, I'm not sure if I will ever get to live it. But anyhow, here are a few tiny home designs that I find rather inspiring and make me want to work towards that dream life, every day.

Alpha Tiny House

The glass doors in the middle on both sides is really appealing to me. It would be a great natural room divider, and hopefully open up the main/living room to the outdoors, really expanding your visual space. Also leading to a good placement of the Kitchen and Bathroom on one side, which could have a kitchen island helping separate the rooms further.

Alpha Tiny House with double sliding glass doors

Tumbleweed Interior

The wood counter tops with white cabinets is a great design choice. The placement of the loft with the tilted roof is great for some much needed head space. There is a little bit much natural wood in this design and missed opportunity with the staircase, to conceal additional storage or design accents. Still in my top 5 designs.

Tumbleweed Interior, tiny house design

Timbercraft Tiny House

This tiny house is just so comforting to look at. It is a perfect little cabin feel. This design makes me want to have a rocking chair on a porch in the middle of the woods. Just my family, nature, and me all together without the distractions of the busy world around us. Enjoying clean healthy unpolluted air. Maybe watching some wildlife off in the distance. And in the wintertime, have a little fireplace running in the house. It wouldn't take much to keep that tiny house warn, even in the coldest of places.

Timbercraft Tiny House by the Trees