4 Easy Ways to Earn Some Money

A lot of people could use some extra money, no matter the time of year. Maybe you want to go on a trip around Europe, or on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. Or heck, even just to have some extra money in your bank, or pay off small credit card bill. I have 4 quick and easy ideas you can use to make some extra cash.

$5 to $300 - Have a Yard Sale/Garage Sale - Sell some Stuff

I don't know how much extra junk you have laying around, but odds are, you have a few things that you don't use. Maybe a couple pieces of clothing that don't fit anymore, or an old instrument that you haven't touched in years. Certain video games, such as Harvest Moon, or any Mario Games are surprisingly valuable and can easily sell for $30 used.

Check out LetGo, OfferUp, and 5Miles instead of hosting a Garage Sale, or if you only have a couple items to sell.

$5 to $60 per gig - Be a Virtual Assistant on "Fiverr"

While this won't make you rich, and you might end up doing more work for less at times. You can still earn a little by doing simple tasks online for people. Maybe you have some graphic designs skills, use them on Fiverr to turn Word Documents into InfoGraphics, or into PowerPoint Presentations for people. If you are good and quick at it, you might even be able to make a decent amount. Signup Here

$5 to $20 per article - Write Articles, Blog Posts, or Ad Content

If you have a silver tongue or the gift of gab, you can write content for marketers or websites which outsource their article, blog and ad content creation. Simply signup for HireWriters or Scripted (earn more with Scripted). Again to do this you will need to be comfortable writing content based on quick research, prior knowledge or no knowledge at all. If you can type fast, and are good with words, this might be a great choice.

$5 to $40 per hour - Get a part-time gig on UpWork

It might be more work than it is worth. And I have personally never got a good gig with UpWork. I did actually get a couple good clients when I was a consultant from UpWork when it was called oDesk. If you are a graphic designer, content writer, marketer, programmer, or any other digital service professional, UpWork allows you to find companies or individuals looking for experts.


Sell Some Stuff - OfferUp, LetGo, 5Miles, Craig's List

Be A Virtual Assistant - Fiverr

Write Articles, Blog Posts, or Ad Content - HireWriters, Scripted

Freelance as an Expert - UpWork