The 5 Types of CrowdSourcing

Sites like KickStarter and IndieGoGo offer the amazing ability to take your idea, project, creation, or other 'thing', directly to the end user, or potential customer, to get funding. This is instead of going to an investor and explaining how they will make money by helping you. I hate the term "Disrupt" or "Disruptive" when applied to technology, or challenging the status-quo of any industry, for the crazy overuse in tech journalism. But if any idea, technology, or platform deserves to be called disruptive, it is Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing in general.

Crowdfunding applied to other problems.

I like to call this idea "Crowding"; the direct distribution or delegation of responsibility, ownership, cost, funding, or anything to individuals and companies. This can be and to some extent is applied to and for many industries, in many different forms. One of my favorite possible implementations of crowding is to asset ownership or equity. Ideas like RideShare, or micro-investments.

Types of Crowding, with

Type / Category Features / Benefits Usage Domain
  • Easily identify the best worker for a specific job
  • Many people proposing or creating assets for a collective project
  • Possibly only pay for the top person or people, while receiving many more
  • Graphic design or Art Creation
  • Pool opinions
  • Testing software features for bugs or usability
  • Possibly certain type of films, or B Rolls
  • Many other creative type projects
  • No need to hire a jack of all trades, use different workers for each differing task
  • No long term commitments to workers
  • Telecommute, or Work from Home or anywhere
  • Pay workers per task completed
  • General Business or Data related tasks
  • Web design or development
  • Web content creation or editing
  • Software development
    • With good direction and planning this can speed development drastically
  • Enable you to use human intelligence on large, complicated
  • jobs
  • Divide big jobs into small units
  • Put units on the Internet
  • et members of crowd do tasks
  • *All workers get paid
  • Transcribe business cards, medical records and other
  • documents
  • Tag photos and handle non-textual data
  • Find business information
  • Engage social networks to raise money
  • Put a request for funds on an Internet platform
  • Create messages and videos to promote request
  • Recruit crowd to donate money
  • Offer crowd gift or benefit
  • Support non-profit organisations
  • Raise funds for artistic endeavours
  • Get cash for companies by offering goods or services
  • Raise equity for company (under the right circumstances)
  • Post a challenge on the Internet
  • Recruit crowd to work on challenge
  • Crowd organises itself into a team
  • Teams compete to provide best answer for challenge
  • Winning team compensated
  • Team decides how to divide compensation
  • Innovation – creating new products or services
  • Finding and collecting information
  • Processing information and offering judgement
  • Solving challenges